Sprint Fatigue Can Be a Silent Quality Killer for Agile Teams

Your team is doing agile…your velocity appears to be consistent, you’re creating deliverables at the end of each sprint and you’re practicing all of the key ceremonies. Check, check and check. All seems well on the surface, however what you may not see is the subtle cracks in the foundation of your sprint cycles known as Sprint Fatigue.

Fatigue can show itself as:

  • Team members leaving the group
  • Individuals expressing they are burnt out
  • The team starts taking shortcuts
  • Enthusiasm is low and sarcasm, cynicism and doubt are on the rise
  • Members are getting sick and taking days off
  • People are going through the motions but motivation is lacking
  • Tension is surfacing more often

You add these all up and you start to see an impact. Agile values and quality software become secondary to making the numbers, the velocity and the burn down look good.

The Harvard Business School reported in an article, Why Your Employees Are Losing Motivation, that “research shows repeatedly that the quality of a group’s efforts in areas such as problem solving is usually superior to that of individuals working on their own. In addition, most workers get a motivation boost from working in teams.”

Be proactive; don’t let your team fall into Sprint Fatigue. The open forum format of our Agile Analysis Boot Camp will energize your team by incorporating team building and bonding into a proven curriculum that will renew their agile values and invigorate the emotional health of a team.

Set your agile team up for a motivated and high impact 2017!

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