Agile Analysis with Kent & Kupe Interview

 Agile Interview

Many agile related discussions in the business analysis community focus on the wrong things:

  • Which is better agile or waterfall?
  • Do you need a business analyst on a team using agile?
  • What’s the best tool for gathering and documenting requirements in agile?

This interview will NOT focus on these topics.

At the end of the day, requirements are a means to an end. Unfortunately, many in the business analysis community treat requirements as their end product. They think their job is to produce these things called requirements.

Agile is also a means to an end. The term agile is a handy label that has been warped into a marketing buzzword for a set of practices and techniques that are helpful, but not sufficient to truly satisfy the needs of stakeholders if not accompanied by the appropriate mindset; a mindset that encourages collaboration among stakeholders to deliver value in frequent increments with consistent reflection and adaptation.

Listen to the recording as Kent and Kupe provide 30 information-rich minutes were spent tackling these issues head on and discussing where teams should focus their attention.

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