Throughout my career, I have loved mentoring others.  It is a rewarding experience and I have practiced it in a formal way with being matched to person who wanted to be mentored. Following a structured schedule I have practiced mentoring in an informal way, where the meetings happened less on a prescribed schedule and more when the need arose.

I recently engaged our IIBA Chapter in finding a CBAP Exam study group.  I filled out the form, and found the question; ‘Would you be willing to lead the study group?’  This was very interesting as I was looking to attend a study group!  I looked at this as another way of mentoring – although I am a bit uneasy about the mentoring I can do in this instance.  Then I began to think, can I use the potential of being a study group leader to practice what I have been studying?  I replied yes, and started to look around to see what other Chapters do in this instance.  It seems to be a well-accepted practice to have one of the study group members lead at least a chapter of study.

Next – can I look at this as a mini-project with a business need and a defined outcome?  I got started.

  • How would I plan for this effort? What approach would I follow?
  • Does our Chapter have a standard approach to a Study Group?  A process they follow? Will it need to be adapted for this group?
  • Who are my stakeholders? What roles would they have? How would I communicate with them?
  • Is there a defined Business need?  With a desired outcome?  Clearly I need to do some investigation!

I hope you get the point. Something that is as small as being a Chapter or Study Group lead, for our IIBA Chapter, deserves to be thought about and treated as a project, with a defined business need and a desired outcome.  A BA Plan can only help it to be a better experience for all!  This is not a mentoring activity – but a BA activity and provides me a chance to use the BABOK as a study tool for planning this activity.

– Kath

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