We know most of you weren’t able to make it to Las Vegas last week so we brought back a little bit of everything with us to share.

Check out our team’s top take aways:

Jacqueline Sanders-Blackman

  1. “It’s not the role, it’s the goal that’s important.” Analysis is a team effort and the BA role is to facilitate analysis.
  2. Justify your role as a BA on an agile team by asking management if they are willing to address today’s complex problems and interrelated solutions solely based on a conversation between a product owner and a developer? For the most part, our problems and solutions today are much more multi-faceted and analysis is how you peel back the layers.
  3. BAs need to focus and develop the concept of “T” shape skills. The trunk of the “T” being Critical Thinking, Data Analysis, Strategic Thinking and Analysis, Leadership Skills, and Creative and Innovative Thinking; the horizontal line of the “T” representing broader end-to-end business knowledge.

Tina Joseph

  1. I was encouraged by senior IIBA executives and their renewed push to promote the value of business analysis by working more closely with the Endorsed Education Providers and corporate accounts. As shown in their recent survey (see below), business analysis continues to be even more critical for organizations to innovate and respond to opportunities.
  2. We shared our recent “Stuff” Quiz in the booth and had fun listening as participants laughed at and commented on the challenges listed. It is no surprise that many projects would be more successful if the teams possessed stronger analytical skills. Take a look at the results: The Results are In! Analysis Skills’ Impact on Project Success.
  3. The ECBA is gaining significant interest from individuals and organizations. Not just to have a certification, but to demonstrate knowledge in business analysis skills (which are always in the top 10 skills employers want most). The IIBA will be providing more details about the ECBA as it becomes available, but for now they recommend reading the BABOK v3 and attending foundational business analysis training, like our Essential Skills for Business Analysis course.

Greg Busby

  1. The Business Model Canvas (new in BABOK v3) is a tool that every BA should look at, and those doing Strategy Analysis should master.
  2. Whitespace, or time built into our day to think, is critical for BAs. Carve some out (call it a work block if you have to).
  3. Titles of presentations don’t always match the content. Don’t make the same mistake with your emails.
  4. Business Analysts are a fun and interesting group of people!

Heather Mylan-Mains

  1. BAs need space to think, to ponder the problem and the impact of solutions to solve the problem. It should be embraced and allowed.
  2. Core skills remain the foundation of business analysis. We should also be moving into the design space to ensure requirements solve the right problem.
  3. Agile requires the full breadth of analysis skills: foundational and enterprise…BAs should be leading this conversation.

Kupe Kupersmith

  1. This is the best conference to connect with like-minded people from around the world. I always leave this conference energized.
  2. The opening keynote talked about the need for us to slow down, pause and think. This is so important. In business analysis you need to be meeting with people, eliciting needs, working on solutions. You also need alone time, to let things sink in and think about impacts.
  3. Focus on connecting and networking. I talk about this all the time…maybe too much! This was a theme at the conference this year with many presentations hitting on the subject without saying it. But I can read between the lines!!

Want more details? Kupe and Jacqueline actually recorded an episode of their #AskAnAnalyst podcast and shared what they were seeing and hearing live from the show floor! Listen in to the recording.

Were you at the BBC? What did you take away? Please share your thoughts in the comments…we’d love to know what stood to you the most!

– Kaley

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