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Requirements Validation


Introduction to Requirements Validation

  • What are requirements?
  • Understand the value of acceptance and evaluation criteria
  • How do we validate requirements?
  • When should requirements be validated?
  • Who validates requirements?
1 hour

Validating and Testing Requirements

  • What does it mean to validate requirements?
    • Conducting effective structured walkthroughs of requirements.
      • Review guidelines.
      • Examine a sample review invitation and results form.
      • Review question checklists.
      • How do reviews improve future projects? 
      • Workshop: validate requirements using a formal review
    • Introduction to usability testing.
    • Effective user acceptance testing (UAT).
    • Conduct a post implementation user assessment to identify lessons learned.
  • How to correct problems that are discovered during requirements validation?
    • Use a consistent problem tracking procedure.
    • Track defect/problem types to improve requirements on future projects.
    • Assess each problem for its type, severity, and status.
3 hours
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Usability Testing

  • Learn the principles of usability.
  • Learn how usability testing differs from traditional testing.
  • Discuss methods of usability testing.
  • Workshop: Conduct a usability test.
2 hours

Working with IT Stakeholders

  • Communicating with IT development stakeholders.
    • Verifying requirements or specification.
      • Unit testing.
      • Integration testing.
      • Systems testing.
      • Evaluate solution performance - validate non-functional requirements.
      • Validate solution against requirements.
        • Business requirements.
        • Functional requirements.
        • Technical requirements.
      • Regression testing - re-testing after a change.
    • Testing environments.
    • Common IT testing methods.
      • White box and black box testing.
      • Positive and negative testing.
      • Choosing data values for testing.
  • Working with QA stakeholders.
    • Software quality assurance (SQA) planning and structure.
    • Utilizing SQA personnel throughout the SDLC.
3.5 hours

Documenting Requirements Validation Deliverables

  • Designing a requirements validation plan
    • IEEE testing templates.
    • What is a test design, test case, test procedure?
    • Identifying tests from requirements documentation.
    • Using use case descriptions to develop testing procedures.
    • Tracking test cases.
  • Workshop: Validating requirements using test cases.
  • Tracing test cases to requirements - cross checking the solution.
  • Designing a requirements validation plan.
    • Planning considerations:
      • Who will validate requirements?
      • How will this be accomplished?
      • Where are the highest risks?
      • Where will tests be conducted?
      • Who will conduct testing?
      • Who will review test results?
      • What test data will be used?
3.5 hours

Develop Your Action Plan / Course Summary

  • Requirements validation summary.
  • Develop an Action Plan with next steps on the student's current project.
  • Student questions/discussion topics.
1 hour