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Facilitating a Requirements Workshop

Delivery Method: Onsite or Virtual

The art of bringing people together, face-to-face or remotely, to elicit requirements, make decisions, and gain consensus on solutions is a critical success factor for teams. This course teaches facilitation techniques that can be used for structured requirement workshops and facilitating a small informal group to a decision. This course goes beyond traditional facilitation training by focusing on facilitation techniques specific to gaining a shared understanding of requirements in person or with remote participants.

Students will spend 60% of class time participating in interactive, real-world business case studies and performing each key role in at least one session. Each student will have the opportunity to practice facilitating multiple requirements sessions in a “safe” environment with personalized feedback.

The workshops in this course require students to plan the requirements workshop, develop the correct questions to ask the group, and facilitate the group to a consensus on the requirements using one of the learned techniques. This course supports and expands on the techniques in the IIBA BABOK® Guide V2.0 and the ICAgile’s Agile Value Management track.

Learning Objectives:
  • Facilitate using proven techniques for eliciting detailed business, functional and non-functional requirements.
  • Identify when and how to use each technique.
  • Develop confidence and a skill set to conduct requirements workshops, whether face-to-face or with remote participants.
  • Actively practice learned skills and techniques.
  • Use a requirements planning session template.
  • Prepare the participants for the requirements session.
  • Perform each facilitation role through role playing each session.
  • Conduct the session to stay focused on the core requirement that was planned as a deliverable.
  • Select which facilitation technique to use for each core requirement being gathered.
  • Complete checklists for managing and conducting the session.
  • Facilitate a requirements workshop including remote participants (if desired).



  • Define requirements facilitation
  • Define participant roles
  • Learn guidelines for requirements facilitators
  • Explore techniques for facilitating across distance
1.5 hours

Student Workshop

  • Conduct a mini-requirements workshop. 
  • Practice techniques used for requirements workshops.
2.5 hours
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Session Feasibility

  •  Determine when requirements workshops are appropriate:
  • Review the core requirements components and discuss how they are best gathered
  • Learn when not to use requirements workshops
  • Student Workshop: Practice determining session need using real-world scenarios.
  • Learn facilitation techniques:
    • Brainstorming
    • Consensus building
    • Visualizing
      • Flowcharting
      • Storyboarding
2 hours

Student Workshop

  • Lead a session to teach and utilize various facilitation techniques as assigned by the instructor. 
  • Conduct individual sessions
  • Observe and give feedback for each session
5 hours

Planning and Preparing for a Facilitated Session

  • Plan the session
  • Prepare for a session:
    • Outline the goals and requirements deliverables.
    • Select session participants and determine if pre-session interviews are appropriate.
  • Student Workshop: Utilize the Session Plan Summary Template, Session Plan Template, and Session Agenda Template to plan and prepare for a facilitated session.
2 hours

Conducting the Session

  • Learn the stages of group development/productivity
  • Facilitate decision making – work toward consensus
  • Conduct the session:
    • Utilize a checklist for managing the session
    • Set session rules and manage the session
      • Encourage participation
      • Manage group focus
      • Learn reactive techniques to use during the session
    • Create a follow-up action plan
  • Follow up on the session:
    • Produce the final requirements document
    • Share session feedback
    • Determine the next steps to finalize the requirements
1 hour

Student Workshop

  • Conduct a requirements workshop using the plans developed in the prior student workshop. (May include remote participants if desired.)
  • Produce a requirements deliverable using one or more of the facilitation techniques learned in class.
  • Personal feedback will be provided to drive skill development
6.5 hours

Course Summary

  • Bringing it all together
  • Develop an Action Plan with next steps on the student’s current project
.5 hour

Appendix – Job Aids

  • Common Challenges for Virtual Meetings
  • Applying Elicitation Techniques in a Virtual World
  • Engaging Participants
  • Keeping Groups Focused
  • Ice Breaker/Energizer Tips