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Developing an Effective Business Case

Writing an effective business case includes presenting a compelling case for a particular audience in order to achieve approval to embark on a particular course of action. They are developed with the intent to present or sell a viable solution for a clearly defined business problem or new product. This course provides a framework and techniques that are appropriate for any type of project or program requiring funding or management approval.

Students will gain knowledge and skills by practicing writing and analysis techniques that will help them write a compelling business plan, identify appropriate approaches, and communicate and manage information that should ensure the approval to move forward with the project.

Learning Objectives:

  • A framework for an effective business case
  • How to write a compelling business case
  • How to perform Cost/Benefit Analysis



  • What is a business case?
  • Understanding your audience
  • Where does the business case fit into a product / project life cycle
  • Learn an effective framework for a business case
1 hour

Defining and Presenting the Case

  • Learn how to write an effective executive summary
  • Learn the components of a detailed mission statement
    • Project initiative
    • Strategic Alignment
    • One project vs multiple projects or program to achieve mission
    • SMART objectives and key performance indicators
  • Define approach used for analysis
1.5 hours
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Justifying the Case

  • Identification and prioritization of alternative solutions
  • Cost / benefit analysis
    • Terminology and financial metrics
    • Estimating techniques
      • Process-related impacts
      • People-related impacts
      • System-related impacts
    • Quantifying Implementation costs
    • Quantifying Ongoing/operating costs
    • Quantifying Benefits
3 hours

Documenting the Case

  • How much detailed is required
  • Which assumptions should be documented
  • Documenting known Risks
1 hour

Develop Your action Plan/Course Summary

  • Develop your action plan to improve your business case
  • Student questions/discussion topics
.5 hour