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Business Process Analysis


Process Improvement Discovery

  • Understand the need for business process analysis
  • Discuss a Framework for Process Improvement
  • Workshop: Choose a process to improve and establish its context for the class case study
  • Solidify strong project objectives and goals
  • Workshop: Develop improvement goals for the class case study
2.5 hours

Understand the Process

  • Create an Elicitation Plan
  • Review workflow diagramming techniques or types of diagrams such as ANSI, Swim Lane, Business Process Diagrams, UML, SIPOC, and Value Stream Maps
  • Develop a visual representation of a process utilizing various workflow analysis techniques to understand the current business process (AS IS).
    • Discuss the reasons for creating AS IS diagrams and models.
    • Discuss the appropriate level of detail for the model
    • Review guidelines for visual process representation to improve communication and understanding
    • Learn to listen for business rules when eliciting business process requirements.
    • Overview of the Decision Model.
    • Use decision tables and decision trees to represent complex business rules.
    • Use data artifacts to analyze information currently used by the business
    • Collect metrics or measurements to establish the business process baseline.
  • Workshop: Create an AS IS Business Process Model and decision tree for the course case study and present it to the class
  • Validate the business process model
4.5 hours
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Challenge the Process

  • Identify essential business processes to highlight process problems
  • Use Root Cause Analysis to identify essential business processes
  • Decompose business processes into sub-processes and tasks using a process list or process decomposition diagram
  • Compare several techniques to define business processes: top-down, bottom-up, and event driven
  • Workshop: Practice identifying essential processes using top-down, bottom-up, and event driven approaches
  • Workshop: Create a process decomposition diagram and supporting process text templates for the class case study
  • Identify potential problem areas by challenging your AS-IS model
    • Review AS-IS process models potential issues
      • Review Lean’s 7 forms of waste
      • Review Six Sigma techniques for identifying process issues including the “5 Whys” and Cause and Effect/Fishbone Diagram
      • Discuss other potential areas of concern
  • Workshop: Review the case study process model and utilize the Process Challenge Checklist to identify process problems
7 hours

Improve the Process

  • Brainstorm on TO BE alternatives by evaluating 9 alternative options for change to a process
  • Workshop: Utilize the Process Improvement Strategy Worksheet to identify potential improvements for the class case study
  • Evaluate and Prioritize potential improvements
  • Test process improvements for potential pitfalls or negative side effects
  • Create TO BE models with a re-design of the business procedures supporting the essential processes
  • Workshop: Propose and document an improved process for the case study
4 hours

Implement the Process

  • Identify transition needs by performing gap analysis to identify gaps between the AS IS Process and the recommended TO BE Process
  • Utilize a Change and Impact Worksheet to identify risks and impacts to the organization
  • Develop a plan to manage impacts and the transition
  • Workshop: Compare your solution to the existing process for the course case study. Identify changes, detail the impacts of each change, and develop a transition plan and backlog.
  • Evaluate the solution effectiveness
2.5 hours

Develop Your Action Plan/Course Summary

  • Develop an Action Plan with next steps on the student's current project.
  • Student questions/discussion topics.
.5 hour

Appendix – Job Aids

  • Diagramming Notations
    • ANSI Flowcharts
    • BPMN Process Models
    • SIPOC Diagrams
    • UML Activity Diagrams
    • Value Stream Mapping
  • Job Aids
    • Process Context Worksheet
    • Responsibility and Authority Checklist
    • Elicitation Plan Worksheet
    • Quick Tips for Process Measure
    • Process Metrics Worksheet
    • Guidelines for Workflow Diagrams
    • Process Challenge Checklist
    • Process Improvement Strategy Worksheet
    • Change and Impact Worksheet