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Business Analyst Certification Program

B2T Training’s business analyst certification program validates an individual’s knowledge of critical analytical concepts and skills necessary to perform their role as a business analyst. This certificate is an independent expert verification of your knowledge and skills. Our program has proven to be a valuable measurement of business analysis performance across organizations.

2 Business Analyst Certification Levels

Our certification program consists of two levels of business analyst certification, recognizing the breadth and complexity of knowledge required in the business analysis profession.

BAAssociate Business Analyst CertificationOur first level covers the core or foundational concepts and skills required to perform business analysis.
BACertified Business Analyst CertificationThe highest level includes more advanced concepts and techniques which require knowledge and years of experience to master.

An individual achieving BA Certified will be prepared to complete any of the certifications offered by the IIBA®, PMI®, and ICAgile. The cost of obtaining the BA Associate and BA Certified certifications is included in the cost of attending training. A test out option is available for the core classes. The graphic below illustrates our certification process.


Agile Value ManagementFacilitating a Requirements WorkshopDeveloping a Business Analysis Work PlanUse Case Modeling & Solution RequirementsDetailing Business Data RequirementsBusiness Process AnalysisEssential Skills for Business Analysis(TM)

Test Out Option

Experienced business analysts may test out of any of the core courses. Study guides are available for each of these courses. These study guides are also ideal for students who have taken the core courses and wish to further prepare for the final certification examination. Individuals wishing to test out of the core courses may purchase the online proficiency exams. For more details, please view our certification process steps.