Business Analysis Services

Tailored Offerings for Every Unique Need

Change starts with knowledge and skills. Transforming the way you and your team perform business analysis is not a one size fits all approach. We understand that your business analysis practice has unique problems and deserves a unique program offering. We will work with your team to identify the pain points that will result in the best opportunity for your team or organization to realize the change they’re trying to achieve.

We can deliver a course, a webinar, a workshop or provide a coach, but for the same cost, we provide a comprehensive, blended offering…and we Make Learning Stick. This comprehensive, blended offering aligns the necessary time commitment and the appropriate delivery methods with your specific pain points, goals and team characteristics.

We help apply the skills and techniques necessary for success by making sure all training is relevant to your organization by utilizing our tailored offerings to build a program for success. Take a look at what we have to offer and then contact us to get your organization’s unique proposal.


Live instructor-led in person and virtual


Team and individual sessions to address targeted needs


1-2 hour presentations on specific topics


Hands-on sessions with structured practice

BA Health Check

Determine your business analysis practice needs

Courseware Licensing

Proven course materials for business analysis

As an added bonus to our comprehensive offerings, our learning events include ongoing, post-class enrichment and reflective activities to provide students with refreshers and ‘memory-joggers’ that sustain their learning and boost their competency.

Focused on results, not just training classes.

See how our approach to business analysis training can provide a solution for your needs.