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Traditional Training Perspective

Since our inception, B2T Training has provided comprehensive curriculum excellent for organizations looking improve efficiency and effectiveness across their BA space. As the business analysis role and approach to analysis continue to evolve, we remain passionate about business analysis and strive to turn the perception of the business analysis practitioner from note-taker to trusted advisor. While we feel that the skills of a successful business analysis professional can be used across any methodology, our Traditional Perspective focuses on analysis in the context of plan-driven approaches.

We’ve segmented our courses into three categories to help guide your selection:

  • Core: Essential and foundational skills
  • Extended: More in-depth learning on a specific technique or skill
  • Specialized: Topics that support the underlying business analysis competencies or for audiences not actively performing the role

business analyst training program

All of our courses are designed for new and experienced business analysts and highlight hands-on workshops using student projects or real-world case studies for students without projects. Our courses provide multiple layers of learning objectives to achieve separate goals for varied audiences.