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“AS IF” – Four Steps For Getting and Using Feedback


As if you thought it was impossible to associate the complexity of business analysis with the simplicity of Clueless, I’ve done it! No matter who you are, what you know or what you can do for your company, knowing how to request and manage feedback is one of the most important skills you will need […]

A BA’s Unconventional Guide to Summer Reading


Many of you might have started out the summer with a Summer Reading List full of the latest mystery, romance or other top New York Times Best Sellers publications. However, as August approaches (I know…can you believe it?!), I challenge you to focus the rest of your summer to a new kind of reading list…consider this your Sunsantional Reading […]

10 BA Revolutionaries that Changed Your Life

BA Revolutionaries

It’s July 4th this week in America and we had a thought, “What better way to celebrate than to recognize the true revolutionaries in our industry?” These are the people that forged the sometimes lonely road with their determination and passion to make the business analysis profession what it is today, a recognized valued asset […]

Choose the Right Decision Criteria for Business Analysis

Decision Making Criteria

During a recent Facilitating a Requirements Workshop class, my students and I had great discussion regarding decision making criteria. In follow up, my students asked me for a quick write up and I wanted to share. How do we decide which alternative is the best when trying to help a group make a decision? We […]

Implement Decision Filters for Organizational Alignment


This blog was orignally published on our VP of Product Development, Kent McDonald’s, blog, Beyond Requirements. Organizations are impacted on a daily basis by decisions made by people at every level.  Even the most minute seeming tactical decisions can have an impact on the overall organization.  Successful organizations realize this and look for ways to align […]

Using the Purpose Based Alignment Model

Purposed Based Model

This blog was orignally published on our VP of Product Development, Kent McDonald’s, blog, Beyond Requirements. What It Is The Purpose Based Alignment Model, created by Niel Nickolaisen, is a method for aligning business decisions and process and feature designs around purpose. The purpose of some decisions and designs is to differentiate the organization in the […]

Use Design Thinking to Lift Your BA Practice Beyond Ordinary


Design lifts a company beyond ordinary. But if the thought of implementing a design thinking ethos within your company sounds like conquering Everest, then a great place to start is with your BA practice. We’ve been there. And the good news is it doesn’t require you to don a red cape, climb mountains or wear […]

Make Sure Your Training Delivers Repeatable Results


My team and I have conversations all the time with people trying to determine how to develop their team’s skills. Something that comes up frequently is the need to build skills in the context of the team’s specific environment. Managers and the individual learners do not want theory. We Get It. Our training is designed […]

What Happened to Teamwork?


We live in an interesting time.  Kids are growing up, not with a silver spoon, but rather a titanium iPhone. The older generation, mine, question what impact this will have on the younger generation’s ability to communicate using their mouth and ears and not their eyes and thumbs.  My generation is the generation of playing […]

Three Simple Techniques for Calibrating Understanding with Stakeholders


There are a few essential questions a business analyst should keep at top of mind during discovery and solution definition. Among them are, “How will we define and measure success?” and, “How will we define ‘done’?” If you’re not asking these questions or their equivalents for every project, you’re likely missing valuable information delivery team […]