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The Intersection of Analysis and Agile – Some Examples

Intersection of Analysis and Agile

At the beginning of the year, I made a few predictions in my post The Future of Business Analysis. (One of those predictions has already come true.)  In this post I’d like to share some evidence of another prediction: continued interaction of analysis and agile communities. This interaction primarily comes in the guise of paying more attention to […]

We Are More Than Business Analysts


The Business Analyst As Therapist was an eye-catching article that offered some wonderful insights.  The author, Steve Blais, discusses the BA as a therapist as well as a translator and referee to name a few.  When functioning in different worlds (between the business and Information Technology), it is no surprise there is the need for […]

Keeping Sharp Takes Persistence


Do you find it easy to get in a rut? This may be especially true if you work with the same people and products every day. It takes effort to build your skills and expand your capabilities. We are all busy juggling projects, but it’s important to keep growing and stay out of the ruts […]

That Turns Out Not To Be The Case: A BA’s Guide To Speaking Truth To Power

Knocking on Door_Vertical

In my last blog post, I introduced the problem statement framework as a way to help your business partners better understand their business problems and to help you pivot from business analyst as order taker to business analyst as trusted advisor. During a recent class, my students and I had a very animated discussion on […]

What Does Success Look Like?


Jon is part of a team working to revise the website for an investment company. The team is using an agile approach to rebuild the website and Jon is utilizing 7 years experience as a business analyst with the company to fill the role of Product Owner for the team.  The team has just started […]

Unleashing Your Hidden Consultant: What’s the Problem?

Order Taker

“So what you do is you take the specifications from the customers and you bring them down to the software engineers?” – (Office Space) Do you ever feel like your role as a business analyst closely parallels that of Tom (the hapless Innotek employee in the movie Office Space)? Are you relegated to being an […]

Prioritize First By Value, then By Feasibility

Meet Arthur, a middle manager in the agent-support department of a medium-sized insurance company in a medium-sized city in the middle of the United States. Arthur is the Product Owner for Phoenix, a project to replace the current hodgepodge of outdated applications, Excel spreadsheets, and rogue Access databases that the members of his department charitably call a […]

RFPs: Ripe for Prioritization

Figure 1_Stakeholders

It’s one thing to create and send out a Request for Proposal (RFP), full of “must have” features and functions, to vendors of technology solutions. It’s wholly another effort to evaluate the responses – and the specific solutions – provided by those vendors. It’s a rare day that vendors will tell you “no”, their product […]

I Just Said That!


Have you ever sat in a room and someone brings up an idea and everyone loves it.  You sit puzzled and think to yourself…I just said that last week and no one gave it a thought or maybe worse, they didn’t even like it. This scenario plays out every day in groups and companies. It […]

There Is No Such Thing As Best Practice

4 Leaf Clover

I get the opportunity to interact with a lot of people and teams trying to figure out the intersection of analysis and agile, and through the course of those interactions I get a lot of questions such as “who does what in agile?”, or “what does agile ‘say’ about this?”, or “how do you go […]