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Critical Thinking: Time Is of the Essence! (Part 1)

2015.01.14 CriticalThinker_MtgSchedule

Have you ever been a part of the “meeting after the meeting?” You know, the one where colleagues get together to debrief a meeting that’s recently taken place? The “meeting after the meeting” (MATM) typically includes two main agenda items: the debrief and the re-plan. First, attendees debrief to try to identify what actually took […]

The Most Critical Skill for 2015

Business woman with a smartphone. Collage.

Every January, people take time and look into the coming year to make resolutions for themselves and predictions on what they think is in store for the year. I, like most people, do this personally but also inevitably end up doing the same for life in the business analysis community.  Kent McDonald, in his predictions, […]

2015 Predictions for Business Analysis

Asphalted road .Forward to the New Year 2015

It’s that time of year again for me to make my annual predictions about the BA space.  Taking to heart the lessons learned from last year, I’ve positioned these with a slightly different approach.  I managed to narrow my list down to nine predictions that I’m fairly comfortable with, along with a guest prediction from […]

7 Ways to Keep Stakeholders Close In A Virtual World

A couple months ago, I had the pleasure of presenting at the BAWorld Boston 2014 conference. During that visit, I met Nancy Settle-Murphy. Nancy produces a monthly newsletter, Communique, and she asked me to help her write an article on ways to help professionals overcome challenges with stakeholder engagement for virtual teams. As someone who is […]

Did BAs Buy Into the Change in 2014?


In my first post of 2014, The Business Analysis Space is Changing: What You Can Do Now, I wrote about changes happening in the BA space and some things individuals performing business analysis can do to get ready. Here is the basic gist of the change I was talking about: IT project teams are building […]

How did Kent do on his 2014 Predictions?


A common thing for people to do at the beginning of each year is to make a series of predictions about the upcoming year. The business analysis community is no different, and last January, I fell into the same habit with a post on this blog. I’ve also discovered that making predictions is often like […]

BBC Challenge Reflections


At the Building Business Capabilities (BBC) Conference this year, we challenged conference attendees to get more out of the conference by getting to know new people, sharing what they learned and what they already knew. See what they had to say: Retrospective Board Activity: Share a lesson that you have learned in one of today’s […]

Reflections from Kent: BBC 2014


As I sit here in blustery Des Moines, Iowa (the temperature went from 60 to 30 in little over an hour last night), I thought I’d take a fond look at the ~23 hours I spent in Fort Lauderdale at the BBC 2014 conference a couple weeks ago.  I would have liked to stay longer, […]

Reflections from Kate: PMI Congress 2014


Last month, I attended the Project Management Institute’s Global Congress 2014 – North America. It was my first time attending a PMI® conference, but when I arrived, I was thrilled to see so many familiar industry faces and to realize that I was not the only rookie present! With this month’s introduction of the new […]

Reflections from Kent: ACORD Implementation Forum


The last week of October I had the privilege of attending the ACORD Implementation Forum (AIF) and presenting a few (six!) sessions in their Professional Development Track. ACORD, the Association for Cooperative Operations Research and Development, is a nonprofit organization that facilitates the development and implementation of data standards and forms for the insurance and related […]