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Learning Delivers Value


One of my favorite aspects of adopting an agile mindset is the tendency to think about whether what I am doing actually adds value to the organization.  With this though, comes the knotty problem that value can often be hard to clearly define.  Because I generally find myself working on internal IT projects, I’ve resorted […]

Help Us Serve You Better


At B2T Training, we are committed to delivering the highest value possible to you and your team. We need your help in determining the best use of our development efforts and future direction for solution offerings. Your opinion is valued and greatly appreciated. Please let us know what you would like to see by taking […]

Starting a COTS Project: Parity (Part 3 of 3)

2014.10.15 COTSParity_Model1

In the first two posts of this series, we’ve listened in on some conversations between Arthur and Heather about Arthur’s Commission System Replacement project. They’ve identified four objectives, and have also uncovered some very interesting information that invalidated a key assumption held by many of Arthur’s stakeholders (the Sales Managers). Let’s pick back up with […]

Requirements are a Means to an End

Agile Value

Business analysis practitioners have struggled for a while now to shed the image of just being note takers, scribes, and/or project managers in training. Unfortunately, many unwittingly hinder this cause by continuing to focus so much attention on dealing with requirements. Ask many a business analyst to describe what they do and invariably some version […]

Decision Making: The Goal of Business Analysis


Many people view decision making as a tool in your toolbox; I view it as your role.  Nothing happens without decisions.  You can talk, talk, talk all you want and sound really smart, but who cares if a decision is not made and things don’t progress, right?!  This scenario leads to an issue we all […]

Starting a COTS Project: Assumptions (Part 2 of 3)


When we last saw Arthur and Heather, they were discussing Arthur’s commission system replacement project and what objectives the team should use to measure the project’s success. Heather had helped Arthur identify three objectives based on their discussion of the problems he faced. They were about to move on to identifying ways to meet those […]

Make the LIST to Evaluate COTS Packages!


Why consider using a template for COTS research and RFPs? Evaluating COTS packages is challenging! Have you ever been tasked with finding “the right” software package? Frequently, there is more than one solution provider serving your problem space, therefore it’s common to find a few products with features and functions you need.  Of course, each […]

What Does the CIO Say? An Interview with Ken Fulmer


Last week I had the pleasure of talking with friend and fellow IIBA Board director, Ken Fulmer.  Ken spent 31 years at Sonoco and was their Chief Technology Officer. After leaving Sonoco he stayed in the oil and gas industry and was the CIO for a company based out of the southeastern US.  Ken is […]

Technology Expresso’s Conversation with Kent

Last week, I had the pleasure of chatting with my fellow practitioners at Technology Expresso about the agile mindset. In short, the agile mindset comes down to an emphasis on delivering value by satisfying your stakeholders’ needs in a collaborative fashion. It’s these behaviors that are really important in agile more so than the practices and techniques that have been […]

Starting a COTS Project: Objectives (Part 1 of 3)


We’ve met Arthur previously.  He’s the Product Owner for an effort to replace the Commission System for a mid-sized insurance company in the middle of America. The insurance company Arthur works for has grown through acquisition. Until recently, one of its practices was to let each company keep its own identity when dealing with anyone outside […]