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I Just Said That!


Have you ever sat in a room and someone brings up an idea and everyone loves it.  You sit puzzled and think to yourself…I just said that last week and no one gave it a thought or maybe worse, they didn’t even like it. This scenario plays out every day in groups and companies. It […]

There Is No Such Thing As Best Practice

4 Leaf Clover

I get the opportunity to interact with a lot of people and teams trying to figure out the intersection of analysis and agile, and through the course of those interactions I get a lot of questions such as “who does what in agile?”, or “what does agile ‘say’ about this?”, or “how do you go […]

Working Backwards in Business Intelligence

Most information systems are intended to accept, process, and provide information to either support a business process, or to provide information that people in the organization use to make decisions or to answer questions.  Business intelligence (or data warehouse) projects are often started when stakeholders desire to meld information from multiple systems, or arrange data […]

Business vs Functional Requirements? Who Cares?

What is a business requirement?  The most common answer I get when asking for an example of a business requirement is a sentence like:  “The system shall facilitate the automation of email to the customer.”  Is that a business requirement?  Well of course it must be.  The business told me that directly!  It must be!? […]

Shift Your Focus From Being “The Bridge”

Last week, I had the pleasure of accompanying Kupe, our President, to the Business Analyst World Conference in Dallas. After the first night of the conference, the local chapters held their monthly meeting – Kupe presented his Business Analysis is Dead, Long Live Business Analysis presentation. During his presentation, he let everyone know that BAs […]

Get Out of the Elicitation Rut


It’s hard for me to believe that next month is my 9 year anniversary with B2T.  During that time, I’ve seen and heard a lot in the classroom.  Some of it is amusing, some of it is encouraging, and occasionally, some of it is surprising. I’ve recently been surprised by my students’ comments about elicitation.  […]

An Agile Perspective: Your Stakeholders are Lying to You

Your team has just been given a new project to work on. You think a minute about what to do first, and you come to the conclusion that you want to understand whom you are trying to help (i.e. your stakeholders), and what their needs are.   Your first inclination is to go talk to […]

The Business Analysis Space is Changing: What You Can Do Now

Last year at this time I wrote a blog, Business Analysis is Dead, Long Live Business Analysis.  In that article I made some predictions of the future of Business Analysis.  This year my confidante Kent McDonald wrote a post, An Agile Perspective: The Future of Business Analysis, where he makes some bold predictions expanding on […]

An Agile Perspective: The Future of Business Analysis

With the start of the new year, there are three common things that people like to do.  Retrospect on the past year, predict what’s going to happen in the next year, and make resolutions which may or may not have any correlation to the other two. I did my retrospection in my family Christmas card […]

Happy Holidays from B2T Training