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Bringing Your Company’s Business Analysts Together

As a BA or BA manager, you may find yourself in an organization with little-to-no emphasis on BA-specific career development. Hopefully, you are the self-motivated sort, who is actively engaged in the BA community and constantly seeking out new resources and learnings. At some point, you probably will wish to share this knowledge with your […]

Working with External Clients for the First Time

Meeting with a client for the first time can be both an exciting and anxiety-ridden experience. I remember my client site visit as much for the Mad Man-esqe feelings of being a “badass” as well as for the sweaty palms and heaviness in my chest equivalent to asking out a girl in a junior high […]

BA Life in the Agile World

Recently, I was watching a webinar which stated there is no formal role for the BA in the Agile world. I completely disagree with this statement as I can attest, from my own Agile experiences, to the fact that my BA role is necessary, important, and distinguishable. However, it did lead me to contemplating the […]

Professionals Who Mean Well, but Cause Unhappy Customers – What to do?

I have worked on a few projects where a major stakeholder was an outsourcer, with a contracted, defined scope of work. Their stakeholder concerns have an added dimension of a contracted group of services, and a varied face to the customer, including a different culture. When I first began to engage with this outsourcer, there […]

CBAP Application Form – Rambling On

I am getting the information together to put in my CBAP application.  In my usual form, I’ve collected all of the information I can possible find, listened to webinars on how to put the application in, and compared at least 3 versions of the work hours spreadsheet so I can compare and contrast them to […]

I have requirements approval! … Now what?


You deserve a pat on the back! You made it through discovery, requirements preparation, requirements elicitation (and probably a lot of negotiation), and came out the other end with a pristine, beautifully prepared business requirements document (BRD). It is time to send it to your IT partners and start working out your UAT plan, right? […]

Should there be an Institute of Culinary (Business) Analysis?

When I was growing up, my mother used to tell me that I couldn’t boil water. After I graduated college, I lived in a house with a group of my fraternity brothers. One of the chores we shared was cooking. Since I had a commitment and responsibility to my housemates, I made a decision to […]

What a Month!

I joined the BA Challenge as I was interested in being ‘immersed’ in the BA world.  I had attended the BBC conference for the first time and heard about the BA Challenge. I was not the least bit sure that I knew what would go on and I looked forward to finding out! My BA […]

Laying Out a Plan to Testing Success

Testing is the redheaded step child of the BA world. It is not emphasized in the BABOK and, for many it is not the most exciting part of the job. While we may prefer the excitement of the front end interactions and analysis during the requirements phase of the project, testing is a necessary evil. […]

The Two-Faced BA: Broad View and Details


In a previous post on LinkedIn, I began the idea that a Business Analyst needs to be two-faced while doing the job of eliciting requirements. I discussed how we need to be both good listeners and good presenters. I’ve found that the two opposite characteristics lead to better analysis when practiced together. For this article, […]