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Recipes for Thanksgiving Success

As a business analyst, we know that you’ve got your project planned to a T. We also know that this level of detail doesn’t come without a considerable time commitment to your position. Sometimes, this time commitment can leave little time for planning of our lives outside of the office. This leaves some good news […]

Strategy Analysis (fka Enterprise Analysis): Who Cares?

As I am sure you know, the IIBA released BABOK v3 in April 2015. Though there were many changes (some minor and, some more profound), the change that I found and believe to have one of the greatest impacts on the BA community is the disappearance of Enterprise Analysis!!! Wait. What? Does this mean we no […]

Last Minute BBC Conference Pass Giveaway

Are you still dying to go to the BBC in a couple weeks but haven’t been able to get the cost of the conference pass approved? You’re in luck! We just had a VIP pass become available that our staff isn’t able to use and…we figured one of you could! We know it is last […]

7 Phrases Every BA Should Fear

I have to admit, I hate horror movies.  I’m the person who covers her eyes and waits until the scary parts have passed before I can watch again.  If you’re hosting a Halloween party featuring a “Friday the 13th” movie marathon, don’t bother to invite me.  Not gonna happen.  Nuh-uh, no way, no how. Being […]

TA DA! Beyond Requirements Excerpt

I’m excited to announce that the book I’ve been working on for the last three years is available! In celebration (and a little promotion), I thought I would share an excerpt. I chose the excerpt below because it discusses some helpful concepts for analysts, regardless of whether you are working in an agile setting or not. […]

Ice Breaker and Energizer Infographic

Many of our training courses include what we like to refer to as Job Aids – tidbits of advice from our instructors to use as a reference when applying the class materials in the real world. One such Job Aid from our Facilitating a Requirements Workshop course, focuses on Ice Breakers/Energizers: when to use, when not […]

BA Expert Ice Breaker Ideas for a Winning Facilitated Session

We’ve all been there – standing in front of a group of stakeholders, trying to get them to 1. communicate 2. appreciate differences 3. focus and 4. be creative. Needless to say, conducting a facilitated session can certainly be a challenging role for a business analyst. One technique that we recommend in our classes is […]

Feed the Business Analysts, Not the Kangaroos

Earlier this week, I returned from a 2 week trip to New Zealand and Australia. The trip was initially spurred by the invitation for our New Zealand partner, Blair Loveday, and I to speak at the BBC Sydney. However, with such an opportunity, I quickly turned the event into a mini-tour of down under. Starting […]

“AS IF” – Four Steps For Getting and Using Feedback

As if you thought it was impossible to associate the complexity of business analysis with the simplicity of Clueless, I’ve done it! No matter who you are, what you know or what you can do for your company, knowing how to request and manage feedback is one of the most important skills you will need […]

A BA’s Unconventional Guide to Summer Reading

Many of you might have started out the summer with a Summer Reading List full of the latest mystery, romance or other top New York Times Best Sellers publications. However, as August approaches (I know…can you believe it?!), I challenge you to focus the rest of your summer to a new kind of reading list…consider this your Sunsantional Reading […]