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Hex-AssessFor more in-depth analysis or to understand which improvements are most critical to your organization, often an independent assessment is necessary to gauge current capabilities and areas for improvement. An assessment will give your organization and/or individuals a benchmark for which to measure improvements over time. Contact us to discuss our various levels of assessments which use an industry competency benchmark to help you assess your Business Analysis capabilities and to provide a plan for improvement.

Assessing Your Training Needs

One aspect of a complete in-depth assessment is understanding your organization’s training needs. We have provided a list of statements and corresponding training program recommendations below to help you better gauge your overall objectives for business analysis training, including why BA training is needed and what you hope to gain from the training experience.

What is Your Organization’s Main Reason for Seeking Training?

To view a specific course recommendation, select the most prominent reason your organization seeks training:

Reason for seeking training:
1) We have a new group of BAs with varying skill levels and technique preferences
2) We want to have a consistent approach for defining and managing requirements
3) We are developing a center of excellence and want to level-set our entire business analyst community
4) Our quality assurance group feels they need better information from the business analysts
5) Our BAs struggle estimating their work and have difficulty knowing where to start
6) Our BAs are experienced, but need advanced training
7) Many of our business analysts are new to the role and have no formal training
8) We tend to struggle validating the solution being built meets the business needs
9) Our business analysts need help facilitating requirements sessions with groups of subject matter experts
10) Our team knows and uses many of the accepted practices but does not always know which techniques(s) to use for each project
11) We are using the IIBA® BABOK® as our guide for accepted practices and need training based upon it
12) We have a group of project managers that do some business analysis and need to better understand and use accepted practices
13) The business analyst managers and stakeholders need a better understanding of what to expect from their business analysts
14) We need to do a better job with User Acceptance Testing
15) We want to provide ongoing training for our business analysts