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New version of the BA Body of Knowledge – 1.6 available

The International Institute for Business Analysis (IIBA) has released a new version of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge – referred to as version 1.6. It is the result of many hours of our core team and sub-committees’ time.

This book (about 300 pages) contains significant content in most of the knowledge areas and incorporates some of the feedback received from the BABOK review committee. This version of the BABOK is available for download. NOTE: It is available from the home page highlighted in yellow. (The BABOK page of the web site still contains the old version.)

I encourage BAs to download this version, print it, and begin to refer to it when you are doing your work. I am encouraging this selfishly because I would like BAs to continue to give us feedback about the content of the BABOK. I also recommend this as opposed to trying to sit down and read through the document. It has not yet been edited for consistent tone and level of detail so it is a bit rough to read.

If you are interested in reading about some of the challenges that we faced in creating this document, check out Kevin Brennan’s (IIBA VP BABOK) blog at

We know that we have a lot of revisions and refinements in our future but as a starting point, this BABOK is pretty good (if I must say so myself!)! Take a look for yourself


  1. Hiroyuki Ishii says:

    interested in the best practice of biz analysis.

  2. Mallikarjun Rakem says:

    can any one please send me the CBAP material… it would be of great help.

    thanks in advance

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